Fuel Injection Service Special - Starting at only $199.95

Fuel Injection Service - This service should be done once a year, or every 10k miles. Uses a high-pressure solvent to dissolve deposits that build up on the injector nozzle. The deposits cause the injector to drip rather then spray. A clean injector will spray a fine mist of fuel which improves performance and fuel economy. Should be done with most emission repairs. Dealer recommended service. Refer to for more information. Fuel Injection Service specials, starting at $199.95 Click here to schedule appointment

Oil Change Special
Starting at only $89.95
Oil Change Special - Starting at $89.95. Parts and fluids included in this package: Tailored perfectly to each BMW engine, original BMW oil filters are made with synthetic fibers for even greater robustness. They are capable of meeting the demands of synthetic oils and high oil temperatures, with a large filtration area (up to 3,800 sq. cm) that removes great amounts of impurities such as engine sludge and deposits. Even the finest particles - 0.005 millimeters and smaller- are filtered out, leaving only the purest oil and thus being more environmentally friendly as they reduce fuel consumption.

Original BMW oil filters are outstanding in their seal quality which prevent impure oil from returning to the oil circuit and, in addition, protect the engine and extend its service life. Oil service special prices, starting at only 89.95* Click here to schedule appointment

*Oil Services starting at $89.95-please see the "BMW Value Service" page under "Service & Parts" for prices for your specific BMW Year and Model. Excludes M Models. Prices include oil, parts and labor. Ask for more details for 8 cylinder and 12 cylinder engines.

Smooth Ride Value Package 
Reg. $479 Special Price, only $399.99
Smooth Ride Value Package Service includes 4-wheel alignments, rotate and balance, & dealer & tire maker recommended service every 6 months or 6,000 miles. Regular price $479. Special price $399.99 Click here to schedule appointment
BMW Tire Maintenance and BMW Tire Center 
BMW Tire Center  Visit our BMW Tire Center to purchase tires and parts, inspect your tires, and schedule service.

BMW Approved Tires and Wheel Alignment
Video - BMW Tires and Alignment -  Why are BMW approved tires and alignment so important? Watch this video to find out.


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