Having an auto-dimming mirror in your car is a great way to avoid the Troxler Effect. With the Troxler Effect, the blind spot resulting from the glare of bright headlights can remain for as long as 1.4 seconds. This means that drivers will travel as far as 140 feet without the benefit of a clear view. At BMW of Honolulu, we want motorists to understand what this cutting-edge, in-vehicle technology is, and why it works.

How Auto-Dimming Mirrors Detect Bright Lights

With auto-dimming mirrors, as soon as bright lights are detected, the images reflected in them grow dim. Although the exterior of these products looks very much like that of standard rearview mirrors, they are actually quite complex at their interior. These units contain a tiny but powerful microprocessor that works with two sensors to identify oncoming headlamps.

Electrochromic Gel Undergoes A Darkening Response At The Mirror's Interior

The microprocessor within an auto-dimming mirror prompts the transmission of an electric charge whenever bright lights approach. A special electrochromic gel that's contained between two panes of glass responds to this charge by growing dark. This is what produces the dimming effect that helps prevent blind spots. Visit us at BMW of Honolulu today to find out more about these and other automotive accessories, or to take one of our autos out for a test drive.



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