When it comes to sophisticated sedans, few automobiles can top the BMW 6 Series. This sedan just so happens to be sporty, stylish and built on a high-performance platform. The 6 Series will come in many exterior paints that have a metallic finish. Consumers can opt for the 315-horsepower engine or the 445-horsepower engine.

The BMW 6 Series has a cabin that's fit for a king or queen. Ultra-soft upholstery can be expected. The vehicle's front seats have massage, heated and ventilated features. There's a nice, open layout for the interior, which yields a good amount of legroom. There's up to 65.0 cubic feet of cargo space in the cabin when the rear seats are folded away. Your passengers can utilize the available USB ports to connect external devices. There's wireless charging as well as vehicle Wi-Fi.

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