The BMW 5 Series is back, and it's better than ever. This amazing sedan is luxury-based, but it can act as a sedan that's built from a sport-like platform. The 5 Series is the real deal, and it will deliver an exceptional amount of power per trim level.

The BMW 5 Series has a beautiful instrument cluster that's vivacious in color and actions. You can view valuable information from this point, including temperature, mileage and many more automotive functions. When it comes to appearance, you won't find a more elegant and sophisticated façade than this. The kidney grille sits proudly at the front of the vehicle, and the dual exhaust protrudes just right from the rear. Exterior colors are vast and will come in multiple hues, including bluestone metallic, silver metallic, brown metallic, black metallic and others.

Our associates are ready to get you seated behind the wheel of the new BMW 5 Series, so head over to our dealership today.


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