The BMW 5 Series is a beautiful midsize luxury sedan that has a lot to offer. When you’re in Honolulu, you can see how the seven trim levels vary by visiting us at BMW of Honolulu. You can explore the engines, the interior, and more.

Performance should be something to consider as you shop for a luxury sedan. The 5 Series offers a few different engines across the trim levels. You can opt for a TwimPower Turbo with 248 horsepower, a 6-cylinder version that delivers 335 hp, or even a V-8 engine with 456 hp.

You’ll love the interior as much as your passengers will. There’s a significant amount of craftsmanship in the details. The features are focused on comfort, including a rear-seat entertainment system, heated rear seats, and more. You can choose various packages to enhance performance and style alike, too.



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