Understanding Various Vehicle Fluid Leaks


There are few things as distressing as noticing that your vehicle is leaking an unidentified fluid. The automobile enthusiasts at BMW of Honolulu want to make sure that you are educated about the various fluids in your vehicle so that you can determine solutions when you come across problems.

The most common fluids that might be leaking from your vehicle include water, coolant, differential fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid, and motor oil. The easiest way to determine what fluid is coming from the vehicle is to examine the color. For example, while oil will exhibit a light amber to dark brown color, transmission fluid takes on a reddish or pink hue.

Checking your oil dipstick regularly will help to ensure that your vehicle is not running low on motor oil. It is not recommended to use products that claim that they stop leaks. It is better to have your vehicle serviced.



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