Stay Safe and Prepared with BMW Road Hazard Tire Coverage

One of the top reasons for a car breakdown is a flat tire. And, most people aren't ever ready for an expense that is caused by circumstances out of their control. That's why the BMW Road Hazard Tire Coverage makes perfect sense. When you purchase eligible BMW tires, you're immediately enrolled in the coverage.

The complementary benefits include up to $600 for a replacement tire, a nationwide selection of authorized BMW Tire Centers, and convenient no-cost claim processing! While it's recommended that you take the damaged tire to the original dealership, having a nationwide selection of participating merchants to handle your claim also means, even when you're not in Honolulu, you're completely covered. The merchant handles all the paperwork. You just sign and get back on the road!

Your safety is important to BMW of Honolulu! Therefore, be sure to reach out to us for your purchase of BMW Approved tires!



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