BMW 6 Series: Posh Performance

In a world that is driven by choice, the BMW 6-Series offers enthusiasts a nearly perfect option, expertly balancing real-world luxury and prestige with punishing performance on the track or the open road.

The 6 Series is positioned numerically and conceptually between the luxury flagship 7 Series and the nimble yet refined 5 Series. This 4-door coupe is an artful expression of German engineering with a clear focus on style and performance. The graceful lines of the 6-Series stand in contrast with the more serious executive styling of the 7 series and 5 Series sedans. Under the hood, however, the 6 Series is all business, touting over 300 horsepower from the twin-turbo V6 engine platform and a whopping 445 horsepower from the Twin-Power twin turbo V8. This impressive power rating combined with the signature 50/50 weight distribution of every BMW make the 6 Series a nimble performer of the highest caliber.

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