Get to Know the BMW M Models

The BMW name stands for high quality and epic performance. The BMW M Models are no exception to this rule. The M models are high performance vehicles modeled after race cars. This range includes convertibles, coupes and BMW's signature Sports Activity Vehicles.

The BMW M Models are constructed with lightweight materials like carbon fiber. This means that gas mileage is maximized. It also means these vehicles are lighter weight. They are easier to steer than ever before, and they can achieve greater speeds than expected, too.

BMW's team of engineers has totally reworked the engine system of these cars, too. The TwinTurbo technology means that engines operate with fewer cylinders. This adds to the light, agile nature of the car. This are still incredibly powerful engines, clocking in at over 100HP per liter.

In order to really understand the BMW M Models, you'll need to drive them. Stop in at BMW of Honolulu today.



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