BMW 4 Series Overview

The 2018 BMW 4 Series is the latest masterpiece from the German engineering team. It sparks a new generation of finely-tuned engines in modern body styles that feature sporty options and multiple ways to customize. In addition, there are all new infotainment and safety features inside, such as a Wi-Fi hotspot and pedestrian detection. The latest 4 series has all of the new cameras and sensors as well, so you can monitor your blind spots and get lane departure warnings.

The 4 Series is also known for its breadth of trims. There are a number of different engine styles with this vehicle. However, even at the base, the BMW 4 series puts out a lot of horsepower. You can go even faster by upgrading to a premium trim like the Gran Turismo, which includes xDrive. This hatchback model was designed to impress while still delivering on specialty features and leather seating.

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