See the All New BMW 6 Series Features

Have you driven the new BMW 6 Series yet? You can see the all new sporty sedan ranked number 5 in luxury large cars by US News and World Report in a test drive. You can see the new features like WiFi hotspot as well as the 650i, which includes xDrive and lets you switch between different sports and economy settings. There are also new camera and sensors that allow you to see your blind spot or pedestrians crossing the road. There are also alerts for lane departures and more.

The BMW 6 Series has several different trims. BMWs are known for providing different trims that have all types of horsepower. The 650i boasts 600 horsepower, but even in the base, you get over 300 horsepower. The infotainment system also lets you connect to your smartphone in every way and use voice-enabled commands.

You can test drive the all new BMW 6 Series at BMW of Honolulu.




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