Save Valuable Time With Our Online Service Scheduler

Getting the most out of your vehicle is a must for most people. We at BMW of Honolulu understand that you want your vehicle to run at its best performance possible. Recommended maintenance and repairs (if necessary) are important to accomplish this. We also understand that time is valuable. We've come up with a solution to save you some time when life is keeping you busy.

BMW of Honolulu has made it possible to now schedule your maintenance appointments quickly. Simply go online, complete some basic information, and, you'll be able to schedule an appointment that works best for your schedule.

Putting off maintenance and repairs is not a good thing. It's necessary to keep your vehicle not only at peak performance but, the warrant requires it as well. Should you decide to sell your vehicle, most new owners want to see maintenance records. Save some time, get online and schedule your maintenance appointment today!
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