Reach Forward By Driving a BMW i Series Vehicle

It's time to embrace the future, and you can do so with the BMW i Series. These vehicles, which we showcase at BMW of Honolulu, combine a high level of performance with powerful electric components that let you save on gas and make an environmental statement.

The BMW i8 models have electric motors in the front in addition to TwinPower Turbo gas engines in the back. This gives them the extra oomph that many drivers yearn to have. Their efficiency is helped by their aerodynamic design and carbon fiber reinforced plastic construction, which can go toe-to-toe with steel in terms of strength.

The i3 modes are also strong and sporty. With their design, they can hold more cargo and passengers than the i8. They can last up to 114 miles on one full charge and up to 180 miles with a range extender.



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