BMW 3 Series: Overview & Features

The BMW 3 Series is one of the best new luxury small cars according to US News & World Report. With handsome styling and sporty designs, the BMW 3 Series at the base and in other trims, is one of the top vehicles for performance, safety, and reliability. The interiors also ranked quite highly even at the base trim. Inside, there's ton of comfort built-in with spacious seats and an infotainment center that delivers consistently great voice commands, music, Bluetooth options, and Apple CarPlay.

You can see the new designs in the latest 3 Series were made to elevate the head lamps and grill on the 3 Series. The new version is much more spacious than the previous 3 Series, and it's also much larger than the 2 Series. The Gran Turismo has a different body style as well, opting for the hatchback look.

You can see all of the trims available for the 3 series at BMW of Honolulu.




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