BMW M: For the Loud, the Proud, and the Precise

If you’re the kind of person who likes fast cars that sing loud, chances are you’ve had a lot of people ask you “yes, but why?” You don’t need to give them a reason—you like what you like. And BMW’s line of M Performance models offer many prime opportunities to be as loud and proud as you wish, all while having a blast behind the wheel of a true Ultimate Driving Machine.

The all-new, first-ever M2 starts things off with a legendary driving experience that prioritizes engagement over gee-whiz parlor tricks and 365 horsepower. As you move up to the M3 and M4, 425 horsepower becomes the benchmark, and its carbon-fiber components and intelligent drive give you an edge other German competitors can’t match. There are even M Performance SAVs offered in the guise of the stately X5 M, and its more renegade counterpart—the X6 M coupe.

If loud, proud, precise performance is your prerogative, don’t apologize for it. Check out our M Performance line at our BMW dealership in Honolulu, HI. We’d be honored to set you up for a test drive.

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