Seamlessly Connect Your Vehicle and Smartphone Using BMW Connected+

Make your drive effortless by seamlessly connecting your smartphone and car using the BMW Connected+ amenity. You may be able to enhance your commuting by utilizing many of the elements that come with this feature. For example, you can use the Share Live Trip Status aspect on the innovative Control Display screen. Also, the amenity is easy to navigate so that you can operate it with ease!

Do you want to be able to stay connected with your vehicle even while you aren’t in it? You can with the BMW Connected+ feature! There is even a smart planning assistant that can support your travels. You can check your fuel on your vehicle, and if you are driving, you can get the valuable information as to where you can get fuel while on your journey. You can also make sure your friends and family are up to date on your whereabouts with the Share Live Trip Status aspect. Additionally, it will let you know when you will get to your location approximately. This astonishing amenity can even take into account the amount of time it will take from you walking to your car with the Door-to-Door element. You can conveniently find parking spots and check current traffic information as well with the BMW Connected Onboard component.

Do you want to stay connected to your BMW? Learn more at our location in Honolulu, HI, about the BMW Connected+ feature today at BMW of Honolulu.

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