Keep Condensation & Frozen Fuel Lines at Bay this Winter!

Here's some friendly advice and tips from us at BMW of Honolulu, with the hopes that our customers avoid unwanted car trouble for their beloved BMW this winter season.

If you are diligent and keep your gas tank filled up, you will avoid having your fuel lines freezing or your fuel filter from clogging up during the cold winter months. It is far better to keep topping up your gas tank rather than having your gas tank reach empty before you fuel up again.

The less gas that you have in the tank, the more air you will have that enters inside, and air can lead to condensation inside the gas tank. Condensation can end up freezing in colder temperatures and that spells big trouble for you as a BMW owner. Sure you want your vehicle to start when you need it to, and you also want to avoid any expensive repair bills at all costs. So keep your gas tank full this winter to play it safe!

Be sure to bring your vehicle to us here at BMW of Honolulu so we can get your vehicle ready for the winter season. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way with us.

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